Blog Marketing And Why It's Important

Everyone's blogging these days. It's become the Web 2.0 activity "de jour". After all, it is a great way to build awareness; it creates and reinforces customer relationships and; it helps you actively manage your online presence.

But, there's another great reason to blog -- to attract more search engine traffic.  And, that's my area of expertise. Your blog should be more than just a powerful public relations tool.  Structured and implemented correctly, it can actually rank for targeted keywords, funneling those precious search engine users to your website.  Read on for more details about my blog marketing services. 

Step 1: Strategy & Set-Up

First, I help you establish your blog strategy. We clearly identify the goals for the blog, decide on your “voice” and establish success measurements. After all, you need a clear business purpose.

We establish top level messaging based on keyword research. Your message will be used in the title tags, meta tags, blog posts, internal and external linking. This is where my SEO expertise really pays off.

I’ll recommend the right blogging software for you, as well as a hosting service. I setup the blog template, plug-ins, preferences, and top level categories.

After the installation, I optimize the blog template for search engines, increasing the odds that it gets crawled and indexed for the right keyword relevance.

I teach you how to use the back-end administration panel, the “behind-the-scenes” systems part of blogging. It’s really not that complicated once you get to know it.

Step 2: Blog, Blog, Blog Away

We write the first few trial posts together and I coach you along the way. We can blog “under the radar” -- no one needs to know until you feel comfortable with your style and approach.

I show you some great ways to find material for blog postings, so you’ll never run dry of ideas.

Step 3: Blog Marketing & Telling The World

I submit your blog to major blog directories and traditional search engine directories.

I also make your blog’s RSS feed available for syndication by submitting to RSS search engines and news aggregator directories.

I’ll give you several strategies for getting links from other blogs. We’ll also run a blog search engine directory submission campaign.

Step 4: ROB or "Return On Blog"

I’ll install a website traffic statistics program for tracking blog visitor activity and establish RSS subscriber tracking metrics.  These numbers provide a good quantitative measurement for more than justifying your blog investment.

Contact Me

If you would like to talk about my blog marketing services, please get in touch by email: jen (at) or phone: 262.758.2041.