Keyword Analysis: 2 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

1.  You don’t keep your target customers’ lingo in mind.
You think the words you use to describe your business are the keywords customers would use to find your website.  We're all guilty of it.  Case in point: you’re a disposable gloves distributor.  Do your customers buy “disposable gloves”, “exam gloves”, “examination gloves”, “medical gloves” or “rubber gloves”?  Perhaps some customer niches use different terminology?  Which words should you target to generate the highest search marketing ROI?

2.  You assume that keywords with high search volume generate more sales.
Rarely true!  In fact, keywords with high search volumes are often the most competitive and it's harder to get noticed.  Here’s a little trade secret – the “longer tail” terms, the ones with 3, 4 or 5 words tend to reveal more search intent and can result in higher conversion rates. Think of the car dealer who ranks for “used Honda 2006 Odyssey LX in Milwaukee”.  Sure, there might only be 3 searches a day but if the car dealer is converting 2 out 3, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

I offer 2 keyword analysis services:

The Quick Gut-Check Keyword Analysis Report

For the do-it-yourself website owner who is already confident his keywords are on target. You’re just not sure about the search volume and which keywords to prioritize first. Here’s how this service works:

Step 1: We talk via the phone and you give me your top 5 keyword phrases.

Step 2: I run all 5 phrases through 2 different keyword analysis tools (each has it’s own methodology so it’s good to compare the results).

Step 3: I generate reports which include your search terms, their stems (such as plurals) and variations, as well as their estimated daily search volume. I do not prune the results, so you may get a list of several hundred words.

Step 4: The rest is up to you.

It’s fast and inexpensive and well worth the investment to make sure you are on the right track.

The No-Stone-Left-Unturned Keyword Analysis Report & Silo Map

For website owners targeting several niche audiences and an array of different keyword phrases.

I'll provide you with a realistic understanding of what it will take to achieve top rankings, as well as solid advice on how to target the best search terms.  Here’s how this service works:

Step 1: We talk via the phone and discuss your business/conversion goals as well as your target audiences.  You give me your domain name and the 10 keyword phrases you want to target – even if you’re not 100% sure what those phrases are.

Step 2: I review your website (or your prototype) as well as the websites which currently rank high for your target keywords.  I assess, upfront, what it’s going to take to beat them out. You want to know, right?

Step 3: I run your phrases through 2 different keyword analysis tools.  I start broad because I often find related search terms with significantly less competition.  When I’m done, you’ll have a list of about 200-500 keywords.

Step 4: Using a series of tools, I cull the keywords to the top opportunities, identifying your best bang-for-the-buck keywords – the ones with the highest conversion probability.

Step 5: Next, I map your top keyword opportunities in a hierarchical way, illustrating how I would theme or “silo” your website in order to maximize your chances of ranking multiple pages of your website for multiple keyword phrases.  My Silo Map lays out the best way to structure your website for search engines.

Step 6: We review the findings over the phone.

Need Help?

When you're ready to tackle keyword analysis, give me a jingle at 262.758.2041 or email me: jen (at) It's a little twisted I know, but, finding the right keywords for a website to exploit is actually fun!