Link Building And Why It's Important

One of the key factors in ranking high in search engines is link popularity, a measure of the quantity and quality of websites that link to your website.  "Quality" beats out "quantity" any day, so, developing creative ways to garner highly reputable in-bound links is essential.

In plain English it means getting “good, honest, informative websites” to link to you. Why?  Well, if credible websites link to you then... by association, that means you're credible yourself.  Sort of a "birds of a feather, flock together" mentality!  And, Google puts a lot of emphasis on credibility & authority in determining rank.

Link-Your-Way-To-The-Top Strategies

I develop strategies to acquire quality inbound links.

I start with a complete assessment of your current inbound links and compare your results to your top ranking competitors.  It's a great way to identify potential link candidates because, in many cases, a quality website linking to your competitor is likely to link to you too.

Depending on the competitiveness of your industry, I devise 6 to 8 link building strategies and I prioritize their execution.  Some strategies are geared for a website launch or re-launch, others coincide with online marketing campaigns and, still others, are targeted for routine website maintenance.

I also develop ideas for link drip campaigns where inbound link requests actually come to you on a regular and sustainable basis.

Need More Info On Link Building?

Feel free to email me: jen (at) or call: 262.758.2041 to discuss your specific needs and challenges.