What Is Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

"Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results" -- Wikipedia

My layman's translation?  SEO is getting a website to rank high in search engines for targeted keyword search terms, converting visitors into customers.

I offer 3 types of website search engine optimization services:

45 Minute SEO Tele-Clinic

Just you and me, on the phone, sleeves rolled up, getting down and dirty “under the hood” of your website. I’m looking for the obstacles to your search engine ranking / conversion problems. Items I will most likely cover?

  • Targeted traffic acquisition
  • Behind-the-scenes website code (title tags, description tags, keyword tags, etc)
  • Copy
  • Gross usability issues impacting conversion
  • Site architecture
  • Linking structure
  • And, of course, any specific questions you might have

We’ll cover as much as we can, as fast as I can talk – in 45 minutes. Note: there’s no mention of a written report because there is none.

The Ultimate Website SEO Audit

Using a series of proprietary analysis tools, I delve through your website, one element at a time, looking for all the issues which could impede high ranking. You’ll get an in-depth report with a prioritized set of fixes. Areas I address:

  • Assessment of current keywords
  • Recommendations for additional keywords
  • Competitive positioning in the search engines
  • Current visibility in the search engines
  • Content & copy -- search engine friendliness
  • Freshness of content
  • Keyword use in copy
  • Site architecture (organization around silos or themes)
  • Site maps
  • Robots.txt
  • Hosting
  • URL Structure
  • Internal page link structure
  • Meta tags
  • Image alt tags
  • Domain aging
  • Backlink assessment vs. competitors
  • Top level link acquisition recommendations
  • Conversion issues (task oriented)

This is truly the "MacDaddy Report". When I’m done, you’ll have a roadmap of what needs fixing and enough information on how to implement the fixes. The “biggest-bang-for-the-buck” items are highlighted so you’ll know where to focus first.

SEO Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring

On more than one occasion, I’ve worked with businesses as their “internet marketing maven in residence”. What do I do? Just about everything necessary to get their website and search engine marketing programs in tip-top shape, generating sales or leads hand-over-fist.  In some cases, I work along side the current internet marketing manager. In other cases, I am the internet marketing manager and when the time is right, I help you hire my replacement.